Market release

As I mentioned before, Pixel worldwide sales and marketing will be done by another company and that is Globell, B.V. in Netherlands. You can checkout their website at Pixel is now in final phase of bugfixing and QA, but that’s not enough for release on market. So when proper translations, the manual, websites, e-shop and support are ready, Globell will announce release on market. Pixel will be released as ESD for few first month and later it will come in retail box as well. Pixel’s name might also change slightly, since Pixel is a very common name and it is very difficult to protect it. Globell’s announcement will be displayed also here, so you can check either this website or Globell’s one. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned.

Edit: Globell’s website is in German language, because this company is usually focused on German speaking market, however that’s not the case with Pixel. Pixel will be marketed worldwide in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French with versions for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Those are already decided, others may be added in future if there’s a demand on market. Also Pixel is not going to be listed on this or Globell’s website, it is getting a new website with new product name, forums, support and e-shop. It will be announced when everything is ready.

Pixel 1.0 final release

As I mentioned in my earlier post, there is a deal with investor who is going to take care about all marketing and sales of Pixel, as well as branding and first-level support. Release date for final version of Pixel is set to April, 30th 2009 and from then there will be new version released every year. Until then there might be few betas released for beta testing and what’s important, all current customers will be handled by me. That means customers will get access to all betas and final version as well, since they already paid for their license. After final version is released, all sales will be automatically transferred to new investor.

Pixel and all other future applications development will be handled by newly established company called Mediaware, s.r.o. (Ltd.), where I act at CEO position. When the deal between Mediaware and new investor is finished and all contracts/agreements are signed I will announce their name and publish more information about this co-operation, roadmap, features list, supported platforms, prices and so on.

Thanks for your patience and support, the future looks very promising for this project. Take care.

Pixel Development

You may have noticed Pixel development is painfully slow, but it didn’t stop, it continues and I’m doing my best to release full featured and stable version as soon as possible. The only problem is that funding this project is more and more difficult, so I’m forced to waste more and more time with other non-interesting projects to fund Pixel. The good news is I’m already in talks with a possible investor who can hopefully breath new air to sails and speed everything up. Thank you very much for your patience and support.

Beta 8 goes 64-bit

Today Beta 8 compiled on 64-bit platforms for the first time, so beside Universal Binary for Mac OS X it will be released for 64-bit Linux and Windows x64 as well. Development of this beta is taking a little bit longer than expected but I just would like to make sure it’s really perfectly stable and usable for daily work. Thank you for your patience, I’ll be informing about this new release very soon in a little bit more detail. Regarding 64-bit version for Mac OS X, it will take a little bit longer since I’m suffering from very similar problem as Adobe does. That is because Carbon in Leopard is 32-bit only and to make 64-bit application one has to move his code to Cocoa APIs.

Pixel for Sale

Pixel image editor, including all commented sources, tools, websites is now for sale. Base price was set to $10.000.000. In case of interest please send your offers to sales at kanzelsberger dot com.

Update: This news was of course an April Fool’s day joke 🙂