PixelCommunity.com is down

Forums, Bug Tracker and Wiki are not working for few hours already since HDD crashed in server hosting www.pixelcommunity.com website. Also Pixel activations are not working due to this crash. If you try to activate Pixel, it will report following error: Server is down, please try again later. Server is currently being installed on new HDD and all operations should be resumed until midnight today (GMT+1).

Sorry for any incovenience this may caused. In case you need to activate Pixel, you can contact support at kanzelsberger dot com by e-mail.

Update: Pixel activations are already resumed using older backup server.
More news: Server is finally back in server room in Bratislava and connected to internet. Data restoration might take another day, since it was acting as webhosting for many websites and also as DNS server. Thank you for your patience.
Final status: PixelCommunity.com is now fully functional. Forums have been restored in last known state, BugTracker is missing bug reports for few weeks and we were not able to restore Wiki at all, so this one is starting from scratch.

Out of office

Just to let you know I will be out of office for a week starting tommorrow. In case you have something important please contact me by e-mail until midnight today, otherwise you have to wait one week and few days for response. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

I wish you Happy New Year 2008!

Christmas sale

Since Christmas is near again, I would like to offer you special Christmas sale again. You can get Pixel for $29 until Beta 8 is released (and that should be near). After Beta 8 is released I will be forced to recalculate USD price again, since american dollar is constantly falling compared to my local currency. Calculated from 1000 SKK, Pixel will cost approx $44 from Beta 8.

So I would like to thank you for all your patience and support of this project, and wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!

Good news for Mac users

Since I’ve got a little bit more time for development by releasing Beta 7, Pixel undergone really heavy bugfixing and polishing. There will be no more troubles with PowerPC releases always being behind because of lack of PPC hardware here. Pixel is an Universal Binary since Beta 8. Also its layout on Mac OS X is now changed from historic MDI concept to more native Mac-like layout and operation. From other changes it is worth mentioning it also works flawlessly on new Mac OS X 10.5 called Leopard. I also got some negative feedback on Pixel fonts in UI to be not so smooth as other native Mac apps, so Beta 8 is now using Apple Type Services to display all UI texts. For those interested here are some preliminary screenshots from Tiger and Leopard.

New community server

New community server at http://www.pixelcommunity.com has been launched. Bug Tracker and Forums are moved to this server and old forums with all posts will be kept on original place in case anybody needs to search through old posts for help. This old forum is now officially deprecated and read-only, so no new posts or replies are allowed. New forum is starting from scratch, so the only inconvenience is a need to register again. It should perform way better than old forum, since it has many problems with spam and registrations.

Bug Tracker is only moved to new place with all accounts and reported bugs, so everything works as usual.

New feature on this server is Wiki. Feel free to edit it and add any Pixel related content, share your ideas, tutorials or your artwork. Enjoy!