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Pixel image editor has been developed by Pavel Kanzelsberger (Bansk√° Bystrica, Slovakia) since 1997 (current version since 2003 after few rewrites) and is still in heavy development. Final stable product will be released in Q4 2009 / Q1 2010.


Even if it’s not finished yet, Pixel got few awards.

OneKit magazine

Staff Pick at www.apple.com …and others

November 2004 – Image editors comparison in czech Computer magazine (21/2004). Pixel got 8/10 points and was better than GIMP and PhotoImpact. In some test categories even better than Paint Shop Pro and PhotoPaint. Picture here and here (in Czech language).

September 2005 – Computer magazine (18/2005) is doing image editors comparison again, year after previous one and this time Pixel gets 2nd place with only 2% difference right after Photoshop CS2. PDF with article is here, magazine’s website is here. Pixel 1.0 RC4 is also included on their CD and DVD packaged with magazine.

Contacting me

There are a few ways to contact me. Please use the first e-mail address. If it fails, try the others. I’m in the GMT+1 timezone and am receiving a lot of e-mails so it may take a couple of days for a reply. Thanks.

  pavel at kanzelsberger dot com
  support at kanzelsberger dot com
  sales at kanzelsberger dot com
  kanzels at gmail dot com

ICQ: 209 906 33
Google Talk: kanzels at gmail dot com
Jabber: kanzelsberger at jabber dot org
MSN: kanzels at zmail dot sk
Yahoo: kanzels

IRC: #pixel at irc.freenode.net

If you need to contact me by snail-mail, please e-mail me and I’ll provide you with my current address.