What will be in final release 1.0 (and not yet available in current beta)

  1. Vector paths with SVG support (almost done)
  2. PSD import/export support (not yet stable)
  3. Photoshop plugins support (not yet stable)

Plans for future releases

  1. Full vector layers with separable live effects for each object
  2. Node based editing (where every layer or effect becomes node), where you connect nodes, tweak settings etc. to produce final image
  3. Possibly 3D layers with 3D objects and Z-Buffer painting using external raytracer
  4. Native user interface on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  5. Able to switch between MDI and SDI interfaces
  6. Support for ultra large bitmaps with thumbnailed editing
  7. More non-destructive editing features
  8. PDF import and export


Linux, MacOSX and Windows are considered mainstream platforms (32/64-bit) and all others are only experimental, they presence (frequency of updates) depends highly on customer demand. For example there is quite high demand for FreeBSD and Zeta versions, and there’s no interest at all in QNX and DOS versions.

Final notes

If you have ideas for some cool features feel free to post them to forums in Wish List thread. Pixel is open for new ideas.

Once final version (1.0) is released, new major releases will appear every 12 months and minor updates in first 3 months after such major release.