Boxed version reselling

If you’re company reselling boxed software or other software publisher/distributor and you’re interested in reselling Pixel, e-mail me to support at kanzelsberger dot com to get it arranged.

How to resell Pixel from your web site

You can become an affiliate and start selling Pixel directly from your website. The more you sell, the better discounts you can get. If you have a web site that generates traffic, why not take advantage of this offer and get paid monthly by check ? It’s only few easy steps away.

  1. Your first step should be registering at as supplier so I can split money from sales between me and you.
  2. Next, please send me e-mail to support at kanzelsberger dot com to get more information. Also please provide me with basic information and URL of your website.
  3. Third step involves inclusion of Buy Now button on your web site and you’re done.

Initial provision is 10%, it will increase if you can sell more copies. If you start selling more copies monthly you will get 15%, 20% etc., up to 50%. It all depends on how well your sales are doing. Here are few advantages:

  1. Easy and fast setup.
  2. Absolutely no expenses for you. You just earn money when you sell.
  3. You don’t have to take care of customers, product activation or support. Everything is redirected to me.
  4. No work for you at all. You just take advantage of your traffic and turn it to money.

Buy Now link for you is here (where xxx is your Kagi username):