If you like this piece of software please support its development by purchasing a copy. By purchasing now you can get it for EUR 33 including all updates until next major release (2.0) and for all supported platforms. Once it is finished price will go higher to EUR 89. Read how to Purchase a copy and save now. You can also help with development by submitting bug reports or sending feature requests.

As Pixel is still in development it is mostly likely that better and more stable version will be available shortly. If you want to be notified when such update is available, provide us with your e-mail address* to get short notification e-mail when this occurs. Otherwise please do not enter non-existing e-mail as this is optional.


If you read and agree the License Agreement you may now proceed to download. Check carefully if you’re downloading for Intel or PowerPC architecture, otherwise it might not work on your computer.

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If you’re using Gentoo Linux, you might want to check out following ebuild. It didn’t make it to portage yet since there’s no demand from community. If you’re using Pixel and would like to see it in portage please demand it by posting your comments there.