How to install Pixel for 64-bit Linux in compatibility mode ?

To run Pixel with full capabilities in a mixed 64/32 bit environment,
you must take a few extra steps to get it running. First, your
distribution must be set up so that there is a /usr/lib64 and
/usr/lib32. I am using Gentoo and using the 64 bit installation CD, it
was set up this way.

  1. Go to the Pixel website and download the 64 bit compat version of Pixel from Support section.
  2. Install the program as normal.
  3. Open your favorite console and go to the Pixel directory (usually ~/Pixel)
  4. Type ./pixel and hit enter, if you don’t already have a lot of compatibility libraries, it will not run and should dump to the prompt with an error about a missing so file.
  5. If you have Gentoo there are many ebuilds that facilitate this process. Run ’emerge -s emul’ and emerge the related packages (like the SDL compatibility ebuild).
  6. If you do not have Gentoo, look to your distribution’s information to see if there are any compatibility packages.
  7. After all this, take the filename of the missing library (e.g. libieee1284.so.3) and go to http://www.rpmfind.net and search for it.
  8. In the rightmost column you can download RPMs. You want to download the RPM that has 386 or 686 in it, not the x86_64 or src varities. I found that the sourceforge varieties work best. The Fedora RPMs are sometimes missing files. Download the respective RPM.
  9. Now you must install rpm2targz. It is difficult to find, in Gentoo you may emerge it. Others may wish to look here
  10. Download the RPM to a temp directory, then run rpm2targz <rpm>.rpm. It will generate a tar.gz with the RPM’s contents inside.
  11. Untargz the file (tar zxpfv <rpm>.tar.gz).
  12. You will need to login as root now.
  13. Copy all the files from ./usr/lib/ to /usr/lib32 (Note the relative path, it is not /usr/lib)
  14. Run ldconfig
  15. Run Pixel again, repeat as necessary.

Thanks to Eric Samuelson for this tutorial.

Where can I get CMYK color profiles ?

If you’re missing CMYK color profiles for color management, you can download some from website below: