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As I mentioned before, Pixel worldwide sales and marketing will be done by another company and that is Globell, B.V. in Netherlands. You can checkout their website at Pixel is now in final phase of bugfixing and QA, but that’s not enough for release on market. So when proper translations, the manual, websites, e-shop and support are ready, Globell will announce release on market. Pixel will be released as ESD for few first month and later it will come in retail box as well. Pixel’s name might also change slightly, since Pixel is a very common name and it is very difficult to protect it. Globell’s announcement will be displayed also here, so you can check either this website or Globell’s one. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned.

Edit: Globell’s website is in German language, because this company is usually focused on German speaking market, however that’s not the case with Pixel. Pixel will be marketed worldwide in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French with versions for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Those are already decided, others may be added in future if there’s a demand on market. Also Pixel is not going to be listed on this or Globell’s website, it is getting a new website with new product name, forums, support and e-shop. It will be announced when everything is ready.

41 thoughts on “Market release

  1. Alexander Ewering

    Sorry, but I don’t think neither hope that this project will get you a single customer anymore. Someone who fails so blatantly in almost every respect of project management and communication does not deserve having customers.

  2. hOSHI

    That does not answer my question ^^;

    i bet you are not even a customer.
    so what’s with the complaining?

  3. Christoph

    I can understand alexnader. I bought this product three years ago and all the years he kept us waiting.

    I still do not believe, that this prog will ever come, but let’s see….

    Hoping the best….. 😀

  4. Xenon

    Actually, I bought Pixel to use it under ZETA and now under Haiku, but well, I will use it also under Linux, Windows and MAC OS X (There will be a PPC version)

    Finally… we’ll see the 1.0 version? 😀

  5. jan

    hOSHI: it’s not personal, we are all not happy with the fact pixel is being postponed again and again. While we were informed pixel is going to be released few days ago, then, few days ago we got only the message it will be released soon (how many times can you actually read the same thing and be happy?)

    I hope you are happy too, when your boss tells you in may, that you will soon get your job payment from 2007 😉

    I’m not happy becuse there is no new releases,and my pixel is unusable (the version that can be downloaded). I can’t still understand why can’t people who paid for it get a new release (even not final). That would shut our mouths for some time for sure.

    I don’t care about 1.0 release date as long as I’m not stuck with the version I have which is not usable in my case. Straight: I need updates!

    We want betas, that’s all, they (speaking they cause Pavel is not the owner anymore i guess) doesn’t have to share beta with the whole community, but at least with the people who have the access to member area. In a simple manner: who paid.

  6. Alexander Ewering

    You see, it’s not so much the fact that it is ‘postponed’ again and again that inspires me to write these comments. It’s rather the psychological phaenomenon behind it.

    Absolutely no offense intended, but I assume that Pavel is alcoholic or does have some other grave personal problem (which the foreposter in this thread suggests *I* am having :)). No-one commits the same blatant (and easily avoidable) error again and again for years.

    The author can also feel lucky that he appearently doesn’t have that many “real” customers. Because from what I read here, many Pixel users are not working in commercial situations, but for PURE hobbyism. How else can someone be using some obscure hobbyist OSes like “Zeta” and “Haiku”, whatever that is?

    Most of the Pixel users are appearently the typical stereotype “Everything is good ™ open-source evangelists” and don’t have pressure or problems at hand to solve with Pixel, so, they don’t get offended by these false promises because their availability of food doesn’t depend on Pixel.

    And let’s face it: ANY of his users would already have shelled out $90 for Paint Shop Pro YEARS ago, and have all problems solved and a reliable, stable (ableit sluggish) photo editor with a reliable release cycle.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  7. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Pixel is in private beta testing right now. Later when we are confident, its quality is really good we will move it to semi-public beta testing, where bigger group of chosen customers will get hands on final version of the product for really final testing to see if it works good on all computers. All information about how to get to that group of people will be posted here.

  8. Alexander Ewering

    This project reminds me a lot of FX Teleport (… also a “Russian” or otherwise “eastern” “producer”, also the next release being postponed again and again, also “in theory” a great and highly innovative product, BUT unusable due to bugs.

    While in FX Teleport, it’s at least possible to circumvent the bugs to a degree that it can be useful, which is not the case with Pixel.

  9. Alexander Ewering

    People here have a problem. There’s a zillion really usable image editors for around $90, and they keep sitting here like little dogs awaiting their master for food. Ridiculous 🙂

  10. Marko

    There is no good Linux image editor. The Gimp is a hell. And Pixel is really good, well, the version I’ve tried threee years ago…

  11. Alexander Ewering

    Marko: Yes, Linux is a problem – I obviously agree on your opinion concerning Gimp.

    If you’re stuck on Linux: Windows XP Home is around $50, and well… you can run it inside VMWare (another $100 or so) if you wish 🙂

  12. Marko

    @Alexander: Linux is a charm… For now I have Photoshop under wine, but I want a native linux editor. So, no Windows for me 🙂

    Did you hear anything about Pixel?

  13. Alexander Ewering

    Marko: I once was a Linux “freak”, too… that was when I still had a lot of spare time and didn’t really use the computer to try to earn money 😉 Since those days are gone, I “just” need stuff to work and that’s where Linux doesn’t exactly excel at 😉 At least not on the Desktop. Now servers is a different story, I still have no single Windows server.

    Didn’t hear anything, no, but does anyone still really think that this program will once be released, now after the really-really-really-last-everlast-ever-everlast deadline has also been missed by 4 months? 😉

  14. Solitaire

    Alexander is dead right. Linux is a great desktop if you have the time to set it up and maintain it. I’ve only just reverted my desktop to Windows this week after a 5 year Debian stint because I got a job and *I need to get things done*.

    And speaking of getting things done, I’ve purchased Photoshop. I don’t really except to see Pixel released in a usable form anytime soon, which is sad, because it looked really good.

  15. Marko

    Well, judging upon all the requests I get to ‘fix’ a windows machine, Linux (I use kde) isn’t too bad nowadays. Almost everything is working like a charm and I really get things done. Only a good native image editor is missing 🙁

  16. Alexander Ewering

    @Marko: And a good native audio production environment. And drivers for the hardware needed in that situation (Multiport MIDI interfaces, Low-latency multiport DSP parts etc.). And a good native Video production environment (think Sony Vegas Pro). And, and, and… 😉

  17. Alexander Ewering

    P.D.: A few suggestions about the new title graphic on

    – The shadow on the left is cut off (calibrate your monitor! ;-))
    – There’s severe aliasing in the perspective-distorted image; not good product publicity if you ask me (“Has this been created using this software??”)
    – The word “Linux” in the “Bang” is not centered correctly.

    All that may not be a big deal, but for promoting a new soon-to-come graphics program, supposedly under the hood of a bigger company, such errors are severe.

  18. Marko

    @Alexander: well, you might indeed need something like a Mac or even Windows. Those systems are hard to build in a open source driven environment. I agree that many linux software you look for is not on par (yet). For Audio, I use Audacity, but also other production systems are being build, like Ardour. Don’t know enough to judge them thought. Video, true, not too many stable and well featured software. Cinceralla seems stable enough, but still lacks features. Anyway, I don’t need those features, so I Linux still works fine for me.

  19. Alexander Ewering

    Marko: No doubt 🙂 I’m not trying to “bash” Linux at all – it’s just that most often, those Linux people are SO convinced about their system and software that they lose contact with reality – fortunately, you don’t seem to be one of those 🙂

    I also use Linux for web development — though already for previewing web sites, it’s not on par with Windows (Flash plugin slow / buggy / incompatible on Linux, for example). So for previews, I use IE on Windows.

    What I do miss in Windows is the shell (bash) 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    Use cygwin/bash then or the even more powerful Windows Powershell.

    The advantage of linux over windows/Mac is not on the Desktop. Linux is FOSS, that’s the advantage. In some areas there might be also technical advantages. In user experience there are also some examples like fontmatrix for example, but that works on windows/Mac also.

  21. thehand

    Alexander, the great thing about Linux is people with the time can create a solution to a problem, whereas on Windows we can only hope for a solution, like “little dogs awaiting…food”. BlitzMax, Allegro, and ClanLib are all tools that anyone (BlitzMax is $80) can use to build their own solution, and I am developing an image display application that will be the basis of two softwares, one of which will be a Photoshop-esque application (a long way away yet).
    In other words, you *cannot* reliably convert from RGB to CMYK, because the RGB spectrum is greater than that of the CMYK spectrum, and what you get is usually different from what you expect in these cases, which I’m sure you’ve found out required a lot of ink and paper (guesswork).
    If Pixel becomes abandonware, then I will fill in the hole in “for print”-image editing software in Linux.

  22. Gabor

    Well, it would be a pity if Pixel was an abandonware. I would not say that it is unusable or unstable. Fast and really works, even if it is uncomplete. However, many published software in the Linux world is far from complete (version 0.X, F-Spot, last year Wine, etc), the problem is that they are free as in beer. But the few euros may be spent for more useless things, too. Consider as if it is tech stocks, you pay now 39€ then the value may be 90 🙂
    It would be really strange if Pavel abandoned this project, having put a lot of effort in it, clearly.

  23. Gabor

    @Alexander Sept 27.
    “There’s severe aliasing in the perspective-distorted image; not good product publicity if you ask me (”Has this been created using this software??”)”

    I have not found “distortion” command, so maybe has not 🙂

  24. przemoc

    Back to the… past? I hope you haven’t reverted your Pixel development along with DB content.

    Pavel, please tell us what’s going on, especially w.r.t. current status of Pixel image editor. TIA.


  25. piotr

    This whole thing is a joke. I would appreciate if Pavel actually said – “Hey guys, sorry… I tried, I wanted to release Pixel but I just have no time for that. ”

    I drop by here from time to time to read comments which suprisingly make me laugh a lot.

    FYI. I paid for pixel32 about 7 or 8 years ago and don’t give a s**t about it. I would just like to know what’s up…


  26. Xushi


    Seriously… ? Pavel, what’s seriously stopping you from releasing another beta version just to satisfy your paying customers now? Your paying customers who are paying for Beta versions and are willing to use them, as well as some contribute back? You claim you’re waiting to release a useable version… compared to the unusable one you already have? Just release another bloody version for fsck sake it’s been years now! ITS BETA! Beta is supposed to be buggy… at least we’ll have a buggy version than an unusable one!

    Heck I remember there are extremely simple bugs (and other crashes) I filed years ago back when you had the forum and bug tracker, things that would have taken minutes to fix, and yet to this day I still see them! What’s wrong with getting build 740, fixing one or two.. JUST ONE OR TWO small bugs, and releasing 741, just to prove that you actually care for your customers ?

    I hope you fail.. I really do.. and I hope there’s a way to sue you and your company, to show an example to the rest of the frauds out there. To think many of us actually contributed and helped years ago….

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