Pixel 1.0 final release

As I mentioned in my earlier post, there is a deal with investor who is going to take care about all marketing and sales of Pixel, as well as branding and first-level support. Release date for final version of Pixel is set to April, 30th 2009 and from then there will be new version released every year. Until then there might be few betas released for beta testing and what’s important, all current customers will be handled by me. That means customers will get access to all betas and final version as well, since they already paid for their license. After final version is released, all sales will be automatically transferred to new investor.

Pixel and all other future applications development will be handled by newly established company called Mediaware, s.r.o. (Ltd.), where I act at CEO position. When the deal between Mediaware and new investor is finished and all contracts/agreements are signed I will announce their name and publish more information about this co-operation, roadmap, features list, supported platforms, prices and so on.

Thanks for your patience and support, the future looks very promising for this project. Take care.

75 thoughts on “Pixel 1.0 final release

  1. Marko

    Ah… now I understand why we aren’t hearing much. Pixel has been renamed and has been at another web page! So, does anyone know where we can find the new still nameless wonderful multi platform image editor?

  2. Alexander Ewering

    Marko: Didn’t you hear him – release date is set for April 29th 😉 There “might” be a few betas – not there “will” 😉

    No, honestly: I, like pretty much everybody else with a sane way of thinking, do not believe that anything will be released on April 29th – but – I’ve always been a dreamer… so… 😉

  3. Josh

    I’m tingling with excitement! I’m working myself into a frenzy! I’ll start the countdown…


  4. jan

    It’s actually 5 today, following your counter, there will be 0 days left on 30th which is wrong(there will be 1 day left on the 30th). final release occurs on May 1st. At least according to Pavel’s Post.

  5. Josh


    Considering that there are multiple time zones, when it is Wednesday AM in Europe, it is still Tuesday PM in the Americas. So, when I started the countdown, there were eight days left until release day (April 30th – I’m not exactly sure where you read May 1st) in the Eastern Time Zone in the Western Hemisphere. So, the 22nd (the date it was in my time zone) was 8 days until release day.

    The 23rd is 7 til.

    The 24th is 6 til.

    The 25th is 5 til.

    The 26th is 4 til.

    The 27th is 3 til.

    The 28th is 2 til.

    The 29th is 1 til.

    The 30th is release day!

    So, since today is the 27th (early AM Eastern Time Zone), I’ll go ahead and resume the countdown…


  6. Sean4000

    Maybe, maybe not. I am just ahving a little fun with the countdown, nothing more. If there is a release on the 30 then hurray. If not, Pixel will be dead to me.

  7. jan

    Josh, geez now i’m looking at the news, it actually is 30th. i can’t bet my head on it but someone said it was going to be May 1st. Sorry for that. Oh well, the earlier the better 😉
    Can’t wait.

  8. jan

    -3 😛

    will we have any explanation or news why there is no pixel after april 30th ? (this is the question to the site administrator)

  9. Alexander Ewering

    @jan: Yes, the same one as the last 3 years:

    “Release of Pixel is delayed slightly but will be released as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience”.

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