PixelCommunity.com is down

Forums, Bug Tracker and Wiki are not working for few hours already since HDD crashed in server hosting www.pixelcommunity.com website. Also Pixel activations are not working due to this crash. If you try to activate Pixel, it will report following error: Server is down, please try again later. Server is currently being installed on new HDD and all operations should be resumed until midnight today (GMT+1).

Sorry for any incovenience this may caused. In case you need to activate Pixel, you can contact support at kanzelsberger dot com by e-mail.

Update: Pixel activations are already resumed using older backup server.
More news: Server is finally back in server room in Bratislava and connected to internet. Data restoration might take another day, since it was acting as webhosting for many websites and also as DNS server. Thank you for your patience.
Final status: PixelCommunity.com is now fully functional. Forums have been restored in last known state, BugTracker is missing bug reports for few weeks and we were not able to restore Wiki at all, so this one is starting from scratch.

28 thoughts on “PixelCommunity.com is down

  1. xushi

    Ouch, Don’t they have backups?

    Anyway, if there’s anything I can do to help, give me a shout πŸ™‚

    For everything else, give site5.com a try.. haven’t disappointed me yet for years.

  2. Pavel

    Unfortunately they are not doing any backups, I was able to restore Bug tracker from older backup I had, but I’m still fighting with Forums and Wiki. Those seems to be corrupted too much. Data files for MySQL tables are corrupt and missing… but this is what you get when get free hosting, my own server is almost ready, I just need a server room where I can place it.

  3. Ergo

    “Data files for MySQL tables are corrupt and missing…” did you try repair table command on them ?

    can you contact me ? i may be able to help ya , my main occupation is webdevelopement.

  4. Ergo

    btw. site5, isnint suitable for anything serious IMGO ( no offense ) they have opinion to be a very unrealiable company ( unless you are lucky to be on a stable server )

  5. Pavel

    Yeah sure I tried to repair inside phpmyadmin, but then I found out MySQL data files for those tables are missing on disk. That was due to ext3 corruption, I’m afraid that might be uncoverable. I was trying to find them in lost+found folder, but there are mostly not so important files recovered.

  6. xushi

    That’s so horrible. I mean how can a provider have such bad service?

    Site5, yea I guess i’m on a good server.. I’m hosting my own 2 websites, along with 3 others, and 2 forums. All fine and well below any limitations. My friend accidentally deleted his work and they managed to retrieve it from backups..

    But I guess if it’s something for a serious website like this one with money at steak etc.. A better host is needed. Or just host it yourself with lots of RAID πŸ™‚

    But seriously, if you need any help or temporary bandwidth/account, give me a shout at any time.

  7. Pavel

    Xushi: service is terrible because it is free and thank god I was using that only for pixelcommunity.com, otherwise I would have more troubles. I’m working on my own server and I hope to get it ready and serving web during next week. With my own server I will be able to setup regular backups on daily basis to another machine or disk. Thank you for your offer, If I’m in need of something I’ll let you know.

  8. floogy

    Is there a google cache for the wiki? archive.org?
    But it seems, that other backup strategies are needed πŸ˜‰

  9. xushi


    It seems to me that the forum isn’t working. When I login with my username, the forum is empty and I can’t see any posts, threads, sections, nothing.

    When logged out, I can see everything.

  10. Pavel

    xushi: Yeah there are some problems with permission, I’m fixing that per request. Will fix yours now.

  11. Javier

    Yesterday I bought Pixel. Some problems: I installed the latest Ubuntu build. Things I need to work:
    1- How do I resize a selection? Each time I go to resize it displays the total size of the picture not the selection. Also, It is impossible to transform a selected area with the mouse.
    2- Color Variations tool does not work at all. It shows the preview but when you click the boxes they do not work.
    3- Transformation tool seems not to work also.

    Using Ubuntu Gutsy, 32bit Intel

  12. Troy

    I recently purchased Pixel but was unable to activate the full version. I sent an e-mail to support@ several days ago but have not heard anything. Is there a different way to get support?

  13. Jack

    Any news ???

    Pixel b8 was supposed to be released around Chirstmas, we are in March in a few days and still nothing !

    Most of us paied for this software, so teh elast yo ucan do is to keep us informed !

  14. Weasel73


    I wrote support@… on Mar 16th to fix my forum permissions and I still can not see anything other than my profile when I log in.

  15. Weasel73

    Still no response to the forum permission request. I’m not in a hurry, but I can’t participate in the forum at all.

  16. floogy

    I noticed, that I got no longer permissions to nothing. Is this due to the server crash?

    What’s up with this Project? It seems to be pretty dead since weeks.

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