Out of office

Just to let you know I will be out of office for a week starting tommorrow. In case you have something important please contact me by e-mail until midnight today, otherwise you have to wait one week and few days for response. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

I wish you Happy New Year 2008!

13 thoughts on “Out of office

  1. Hans Jørgen Kjærnet

    Hi Pavel,
    Great work. I can say that software community is indeed in need of something like this. I am on linux and i purchased it right away. Hoping that version 1 will be out soon:) I bet theres a huge market for this application. Its not bloated!! Yay… Keep it up!
    – Hans Jørgen

  2. Erik

    Go Pavel Go. Happy 2008!
    I have bought Pixel, is Ok, but I need that perfectly works on Leopard! I know YOU CAN! 🙂

    Good Job
    bye Erik

    Copy/paste from exterrnal Apps?

  3. Chris

    Are you alive?
    I would appreciate more frequent development information.
    What about the shortly promised B8?

  4. oly

    I have to agree, you dont update enough i have been checking for a very long time now the news section waiting for some news but nothing 🙁

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