Good news for Mac users

Since I’ve got a little bit more time for development by releasing Beta 7, Pixel undergone really heavy bugfixing and polishing. There will be no more troubles with PowerPC releases always being behind because of lack of PPC hardware here. Pixel is an Universal Binary since Beta 8. Also its layout on Mac OS X is now changed from historic MDI concept to more native Mac-like layout and operation. From other changes it is worth mentioning it also works flawlessly on new Mac OS X 10.5 called Leopard. I also got some negative feedback on Pixel fonts in UI to be not so smooth as other native Mac apps, so Beta 8 is now using Apple Type Services to display all UI texts. For those interested here are some preliminary screenshots from Tiger and Leopard.

16 thoughts on “Good news for Mac users

  1. Josh

    Oh, Pavel, you know how to bait us! Great news for Mac users, though! Screens look great! Here’s to a speedy release of Beta 8!!!

  2. boo

    How the eLiquid news, Pavel? You had promised to open source it. When? Can we have it on v.1.0 release of Pixel? FPC and Lazarus users and developers had been waiting for it so we would have an alternative UI framework besides gtk, qt, and win-gdi. I thank you in advance for it. πŸ™‚

  3. datatec

    I don’t remember him promising to release it, I remember him saying he was considering it. (It is possible however that it was said later and I missed it)

  4. jΓ©rΓ΄me

    I baught Pixel after downloading the demo of beta 7, and seeing that beta 8 is announced, but the full Mac OS version is only available in beta 6 ???

  5. Frank

    Can’t wait to see beta 8!
    Unfortunatley I can’t seem to find a download for Mac OS X, for either Intel or PPC.
    Either way I’m running 10.5 and have no desire in going the X11 route to run Pixel.
    When you get beta 8 up for a test drive, you’ll probably have another $38 coming at you!
    On another note, do you think you could get this plug-in to run in Pixel?

    Thanks and I hope beta 8 is up for download ASAP! ; )

  6. Mat

    Pixel looks so promising. I’m hoping the locking/crashing I’m experiencing has to do with beta7 not being written with Leopard in mind. PS really needs some competition on OS X.

    I am a CNR Gold member, but I’ll be supporting this project through a regular purchase. Beta 7 isn’t usable for me though. Other than the lockups/crashing text editing is the biggest bug I’m facing.

    Reading here that OS X improvements are well under way has me excited. The screen shots look great. Looking forward to beta 8. Keep up the good work.

  7. Frank

    Oops.. to download, you have to have cookies enabled.
    Either way, I hope beta 8 clears things up.
    On second thought, I’m not sure if you’ll have my $38.
    Still love the HDR and planned PS plug-in support though.

    Once again, hope beta 8 is up soon.


  8. richard

    I am wanting to buy it but I am not sure if this project is going to survive or continue at all. I just want to let you know that if you end up open sourcing it I will still give you $38 and I think if you made it known that if you open source it you may get even more money for it. πŸ˜‰ I currently use photoshop and am going to try out this prog today. One thing i wanted to say is that the most used feature of photoshop is affects with fonts and objects ie. drop shadows, glow, color overlay, emboss etc.

  9. xushi

    I hope Pixel also remains having Tiger support.. I can’t upgrade to Leopard yet because of several software incompatibilities at work =/

  10. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Yeah of course both Tiger and Leopard are supported. But it won’t run on Panther probably…

  11. Anthony Underwood

    At the moment for a mac user running Leopard it is hard to part with cash for a beta(6) that constantly crashes in Leopard e.g colour picker causes a crash every time. Please can you put up beta 8 for download so this can be evaluated. I would love to take advantage of the Christmas offer but since the product for me is at the moment unusable I can’t justify it.

    Many thanks – product looks great btw


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