New community server

New community server at has been launched. Bug Tracker and Forums are moved to this server and old forums with all posts will be kept on original place in case anybody needs to search through old posts for help. This old forum is now officially deprecated and read-only, so no new posts or replies are allowed. New forum is starting from scratch, so the only inconvenience is a need to register again. It should perform way better than old forum, since it has many problems with spam and registrations.

Bug Tracker is only moved to new place with all accounts and reported bugs, so everything works as usual.

New feature on this server is Wiki. Feel free to edit it and add any Pixel related content, share your ideas, tutorials or your artwork. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “New community server

  1. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Yeah under construction since other things may be added later, for now you can see links to Forum, Wiki and Bug Tracker, all of them are operational already.

  2. Peter

    I tried posting on the forum, but my post got saved as a draft and checking out my control panel there is no option to do anything with the draft. What the hell?

    Anyway I will try posting on the forum again tomorrow.

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