Beta 7 available for download

Some older Beta 7 (few months old) mixed with Beta 8 eLiquid UI and skin succeeded to compile and seems to perform way better than outdated Beta 6 so I decided to put it online for download for all those impatient. It lacks few features from upcoming Beta 8 like transformation tool, properly working brush dynamics and others, but it might be worth trying while waiting for full blown Beta 8 release. Go to members area, choose Beta 6 for Linux or MacOSX (x86) and you’ll find URL in small notice at the bottom of screen. Please report any problems in forum thread here. I’ll try to do the same with Windows version today.

Meanwhile there was an interview in July issue of LinuxJournal, if you’re having subscription you may already noticed. For those not reading LJ here are some screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4.

31 thoughts on “Beta 7 available for download

  1. Ignacio Monge

    Man, you have a one year old son. That’s explains your lack of time to the Pixel developement. Now I understand you, I know very well how tired can be that.

  2. Josh

    Thanks for the update, Pavel! I have been looking at the screenshots you’ve posted in the forums, and they are looking great! Maybe you should post them to the main page so that those of us too lazy to read through the forums can see that progress has been made! Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

  3. Rowan

    Not only does he have a 1 year old son, he doesn’t have much help on the project, developing is a lot of work. And if you’re selling it you’ve got to make sure nothing fatal will happen, or you can get in a lot of trouble.

    Keep up the good work mate!

  4. Damian

    Where is Windows version? Linux & Mac OS doesn’t interest me. Windows is used by most of the people and it’s at the end?!?!

  5. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Windows version will appear tonight. Win32 API is having some really weird behaviour and I’m trying to override it somehow, if that doesn’t work I’ll release it with original Beta7 version of eLiquid.

  6. floogy

    Good to know! Keep on the good work, Pavel! The demo works on amd64 ubuntu/feisty (the *.deb has got some dependency issues, though).

  7. Andreas

    Pavel could you tell me what you meant by ‘I also might push for Wine support for the Linux version’ ?

    I’ve taken this from the linux journal article.


  8. Cinic

    Let’s take up a collection for Pavel to buy a calendar. It’s 4th September, and I see no Windows version.

    After waiting 6 months for Beta7 it’s not these few days that count. Just don’t promise something you won’t keep.

    Pavel Kanzelsberger said,
    on September 2nd, 2007 at 4:11 pm
    Windows version will appear tonight.

  9. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Windows version is being uploaded now. With Wine and Linux I meant support for Windows Photoshop plug-ins running on Linux…

  10. Yogurt

    Beta7 bugs:
    – Cannot switch to alpha channel editing.
    – Turning on/off R, G, B channels does not work. Turning on/off C, M, Y, K channels work for the checkboard transparency background instead of the image. Yup. :-p
    – Trying to save in Targa format (Windows native Save dialog) saves in .px format.
    – The GUI is sometimes stuck. For example, it thinks the mouse button is continuosly pressed after clicking on the Open button in the Open File dialog. Depending on the currently activated tool, Pixel draws on the image right opened on mouse move.
    – Navigator palette, Zoom does not work.
    – Minor cosmetic problems:
    – Three-digit spin edits (opacity, RGB, etc.) are too small, the third digit is drawn on the spin control.
    – Fill tool, toolbar “Ignore transparency” is too small for the text.
    – Spray tool uses pen cursor, Fill can tool uses crosshair.

    And it’s only 20 minutes of testing.

  11. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Yogurt thanks for the quick report, but I don\’t know under what OS this happens to you. For example after using Open file dialog … it is a known bug with Windows version, do not use Windows open dialog (you can turn it off in Preferences). For others I\’ll checkout, but please report your bugs to … it\’s quite difficult to track bugs on all these places including comments, forums etc.

  12. Andreas

    Pavel I know this isn’t the place for it, but the email activation isn’t working in the forums, so after updating my email, I’m locked out, can you look into it?

  13. Alexandre

    Pavel, in the interview you state that “Pixel is the only application supporting CMYK and proper color management on Linux”. This is simply not true: at least Krita and Scribus support CMYK and have proper color management. While I understand your ambitions, this is an unaccepatble kind of disinformation.

  14. Pavel Kanzelsberger

    Well I’m sorry about Krita, I forgot it since we were talking mostly about GIMP and they only mentioned GIMP while asking questions. Scribus might have CMYK support, but Scribus is not a bitmap editor, so it didn’t make sense to mention it…

  15. piotr

    It had been a long time since I tried Pixel. This beta seems a lot better than what I tried to use before. I guess that you are on a good way.

    In the past (2 years ago) I used to email you bugs and fixes and suggestions and I see that with help of others you managed to straighten this program out a little bit.

    I might join in and send a few suggestions.

  16. freakydude

    I think I’ll end up buying this. The price is right, the design and workflow seems allright at a first glance. I’ve come across this quite a few times before, enough times to not forget about it.

    leaving window open for a few mins and testing some stuff….
    hmm it crashes on me quite often. giving acces violations.
    tablet doesn’t work. But it was stated somewhere in your site that it doesn’t work yet.

    This is the version I have.
    the Beta7 build 699 for windows.
    I’m mostly using linux, but right now I’m behind a windows pc.

    I like the ctrl scroll brush thingy.

    But you know whatI’ve really been missing in image editing?
    Easy navigation.
    I don’t want to hit space to navigate, I want to use the middle mouse button/third or second button on my tablet pen.
    I want to be able to zoom in/out using a combo of ctrl or alt and mmb, and I want to be able to rotate the !VIEW! (not the image, but the orientation/rotation towards the screen) so you can draw a lot more freely as if you’re holding a piece of paper. Opencanvas has something like that, but I don’t find it overly intuitive.
    And the ability to scroll past the boundaries of an image, this makes it waaaaaaay easier to edit small things at the edges of the image..

    beside bugfixing, usability/workflow is the biggest issue to me.
    What I consider to be a bug so far:

    when opening files, you can’t order files by type (you can choose which type, but you can’t switch how they are ordered, like in the name/date/size bars at the top of the dialogue. Filetype should be there as well.

    It does most actions, from even starting up, very slow unfortunately…
    I hope this will be different at home, but still…

  17. freakydude

    sorry for doubleposting, but also not really clean is that the image preview when opening files happens over the directory tree structure navigator.
    and there are a few kind of filetypes that didn’t open with pixel, although they are supported. such as:
    jpg (one file, I have no problems with this file in other applications)

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