Beta 7 Report

As you may noticed Pixel beta testing is now done in two phases. When new Beta is ready it is send to group of beta testers to make a lot of testing before it’s released to customers. This is because community is growing and users are already using Pixel for serious work. It is done in hope to avoid introducing new troubles or bugs when such user upgrades Pixel to newer beta. After everything is tested and all issues are resolved it will be released to customers.

Beta 7 comes with some missing and important features and those are: transform tool, full pressure sensitive tablet support, brush dynamics, much better resampling methods and many tools improved and lots of bugs fixed.

Beta 7 has been in beta testing for few weeks now and some serious issues were discovered. They’re being worked on and I’m hoping for public release (including demo versions) very soon. For those interested what is causing most troubles, it is tablet support in Linux on different distributions and various versions/configurations of X11 server.

Thank you for your patience and support. I hope this release will satisfy many of you awaiting these features and much more stable release.

18 thoughts on “Beta 7 Report

  1. Flowbot (Shayne)

    thanx for the status update, Pavel … and it’s a good thing you haven’t committed yourself to a release date – just keep us updated with your progress and I’ll be happy 🙂

  2. Josh

    Good news, Pavel! I am happy every time I see an update in the news section! I check everyday, but really hope for once a month…Anyway, best of luck with tablet support! I just got my Wacom off ebay and I am itching to use it in Pixel. Keep up the good work!

  3. lozeta

    I suggest to release beta 0.7 in a “non-official way” (you may call it beta 0.7 beta 🙂 ), and open a sticky post “Tablets on linux”, so that every linux user reports his configuration (distribution, kernel version, wacom lib version, xorg version, tablet model, ecc) and successful/unsuccessful usage.
    This way you will have a database of useful information…

  4. Brian

    Thanks for the update! I was really starting to wonder how long it would take. You should really update the news more, even if you don’t release it, or get delayed in releasing a version, updating the news really helps pass the time, or to stay informed and assure people that work is progressing. Even if it’s a bunch of technical blabber that most won’t understand, it would be nice to see more done on the News…;)

  5. khaled

    Pavel, word to the wise, to improve customer relations this is the sort of post you should try and write once every 2 weeks at least. Just a small update that you’re still working and what the issues are, it’ll keep us all from asking you again and again about the status. Keep it going :).

  6. Samuel Corradi

    I can not wait for the new release. Many users don’t use Windows realy, but use Photoshop. I wait the stable version of Pixel to delete my Windows in VMware! Tnks for all Pavel! (Samuel Corradi from Brazil)

  7. Brian

    I’m so glad I found this software. I really did not want to commit to paying the outrageous prices for Adobe’s software. Thank you so much!

  8. mspiegle

    I actually find it funny that you don’t want to release pixel to customers because we are already using it as production-ready-software. I’m in the exact opposite situation because I WANT to use Pixel for production, but can’t because of a couple nagging bugs 🙂

    I look forward to seeing the next release! How do we get on the beta program?

  9. Slapo

    That’s a good question.
    Why not make 2 release branches, one withou experimental feaures for those who already use it in production environment and one with them for those who don’t care if it’s broken yet.

  10. ViRgiLiO

    I think that is a good idea. Two branches, one for testing and another for consumers, allow to get more feedback from the people without lose the quality.

  11. spmirowski

    Two branches would be nice; however, correct me if I am wrong, there is only one developer. Pavel. Maintaining two branches supporting multiple OSes with only one programmer . . . seems a bit much to ask for. This considering the very meaning of beta is unstable and not feature complete. Having a dev beta and a stable beta seems a little weird. Branching when 1.0 is reached would be appropriate. A stable branch for bug fixes and a dev branch for 2.0.

    I agree with khaled in regards to having regular news updates. Even if there isn’t much to say, it’s good to read that the developer is alive and well. =)

  12. Slapo

    spmirowski, you misunderstood me.
    What I meant was to keep somewhat more stable releases marked as such, while he’d be continuing his work, releasing the absolutely bleeding edge version, say, every week, working towards a more stabilized version, which would be *marked* as such when the time has come for it (i.e. it would be stable enough for the most part).
    In short, the ‘stable’ branch would be just a virtual one, without the features that were added ‘just yesterday’.
    I hope I made it more clear.
    More frequent status updates would be most welcome too.

  13. Almindor

    I agree, Pavel should probably release early and often, it would certainly prevent some of the big bugs to slip in a release, but it should be .. “hard to get” release (eg: you need to agree always that it’s an experimental one etc.) to ensure people don’t get the wrong impression.

  14. RageArtworks

    Hey man.

    Good to hear you’re still working on it. I was getting worried.
    Maybe you should post a small update each week, just to let everyone know where you are in the process?

  15. Plamplam

    Hi Pavel,

    Your web site shows the current price as $38, the future price as $89, and it says there’s an unlimited trial period. The software installer, however, says $32, $100 and 30 days, respectively. Which one should I believe? And could you correct it at the necessary place?

    Regarding Beta 6 on Windows, there are problems with window painting, the frame and caption gets lost often. What is more important, the Channels palette doesn’t work at all: I cannot select the Alpha line at all (sometimes the RGB, too), cannot uncheck the RGB and the Alpha “eye”, and the R, G, B eyes don’t have any effect. Moreover, the bottom-up flag in Targa files isn’t handled so we have our images upside-down. Furthermore, even the “native” file open dialog is single-select. It’s cumbersome when opening multiple files.

    Is any of these problems fixed in Beta7?

  16. Administrator

    Those issue are addressed in Beta7 and regarding price, Beta6 with those prices inside was released before prices change in January, you can check news. Correct price is $38. The thing is, price in my local currency is still the same, just dollar and euro is falling (or our currency is rising).

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