Linux Beta 5, eComStation update

Pixel for Linux build 480 (Beta 5) has been released for members and also as public demo version. There is now also eComStation version updated to build 480, which resolves all troubles caused by previous build. It is recommended to update to this build as it fixes most of the critical bugs causing crashes time to time. More to come, stay tuned.

Update: Windows build 481 (Beta 5) is now available for members and also as public demo version. Zeta (BeOS) build 481 is released also.

7 thoughts on “Linux Beta 5, eComStation update

  1. Luc Van Bogaert

    Pixel for eComStation first impression : still a lot of work to do. As it is now, it is still unusable for any serious work. Severe problems graphically : moving, resizing the main window mostly results in a crash.

  2. Pavel

    eComStation problems are caused by bugs in SDL/2 not by Pixel itself, SDL/2 maintaner is doing great job here and should provide fixed version of this library very soon.

  3. Robert

    after 2 days off using pixel r5 (zeta) i can tell that – no matter what i do – pixel will crash (even when i simple use animation efect )

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